6 Month old Greta

Greta at 6 months

I got to shoot some pictures of my sweet little niece, Greta when she was 6 months old. It proved to be a little harder to roll around the ground and use my ab muscles being 7.5 months pregnant, but we captured some pretty cute ones none the less. :) With a full-time job and preparing for our new arrival, I didn’t get these up online as soon as I would have liked, but since today is my due date and we are just waiting for a baby to come, I figured I would use this time to get her pictures posted. At least she isn’t a year old yet. 😀 Enjoy!


Laine is FOUR!

I got the opportunity to hang out with this very cool little girl and her mom and dad last Saturday morning for a while. We danced and climbed and she laughed while everyone else made weird noises and did silly things all for her. As with every single other child I have ever photographed, we didn’t quite stick to the plan, but we still had some fun and got some great shots. Sit back and enjoy the sound of laughter, which you will most likely hear as you look at the photos of her laughing and giggling.
I hope you all enjoy this sweet smile as much as I have.


{E} Family

E Family

It was another cold day and I got to hang out with another cool kid and his parents. We went to a few different places and took a few breaks just to warm up. :) After a while, the cold didn’t seem so horrible and this little man came out of his shell and showed off his adorable smile. No more waiting… here are some pics from our session! Enjoy them!


Adelaide is TWO!

I have had the privilege of getting to take this little girls pictures for all of her milestones. If you look back in my archives, you can find her newborn, three, six, and twelve month pictures. She is such a sweet little girl and I am so lucky to have gotten the chance to be her photographer. :) We went out on a very chilly Saturday to get these. We all had fun at the old train station and then we headed to Watson Museum to play and take some pics inside. Her mom and Aunt were there with us and so we even got them in a few shots. I had to include a few of her awesome laugh, too. She has such a big smile/laugh, and I just LOVED it! I hope you enjoy them.


Ellie is ONE!!

I had a fun morning a while ago hanging out with Ellie and her parents. She is so sweet and funny. I love that I got to capture some of her serious faces as well as some super sweet smiles. She is a big one year old now and her whole family is just too adorable! I hope you enjoy the pics from our morning!


Jake and Jess Fest, The Wedding

I was so honored that our close friends Jake and Jessica asked me to photograph their wedding. They had a two part wedding/reception, so I was only to do the wedding itself with a few photos after of the small reception. I was planning to attend the wedding anyway, and was happy to be a part of it. I was nervous as all get out since this was the first wedding I have ever photographed. When they asked me, I went over all the reasons why I don’t currently shoot weddings, but even after hearing all those, they still wanted me to do it. Earlier this year, I got to capture the moment when Jake proposed to Jessica, which was awesome, so make sure you check that out if you haven’t seen it already. I hope you enjoy the following photos from their special day. Thanks again guys for letting me be a part of it all! I am excited to watch you as you embark on the next adventure in your life! Congratulations!


Chevelle SS


I got the chance to photograph a subject a little different than my usual ones. It was fun watching Matt shine up his car, so it looked it’s best in the photos. The Chevelle looked great and did an amazing job modeling for me. I hope Matt can sell it quickly and hold on to these photos to remember this part of his past. If you are interested in purchasing this, comment and I am sure Matt will contact you back with details. :)


Jubilee’s End of Summer


That’s right! Jubilee music has finished their summer summer season! We sang; we danced; we jingled; we had fun! Check out some pics from the last session. Jubilee Music is getting ready to start their 10 week fall season VERY soon! Make sure you head over to the Jubilee Music website and sign yourself up for one of the classes!


Welcome Home, Matt!

I was honored to be able to attend this homecoming ceremony with Cherry and her family. She was well prepared. Signs – check. Outfits all the way down to the shoes-check. photographer and helpful babysitter – check. We headed to Topeka the morning of Saturday, August 11th to welcome Matt,her husband and father of their two children, home after a year of being away. Matt also was one of the men who spoke at the ceremony. I’ve never been to a ceremony like this. As expected it was emotional for everyone who attended. Matt had only got to spend a few short weeks home in January after his daughter was born and his son was beaming with excitement and pure happiness to be back in his daddy’s arms.

Please enjoy some photos which will hopefully give you an idea of our time that morning.

“Daddy, These are the hands that prayed for your safe return.”


The smile on Matt’s face when he finally found Cherry in the crowd was adorable!! 😀


Matt’s smile was infectious. Do you think he was happy to be back with his family? :)


Sweet Baby Greta

sweet baby

I am happy to introduce my new niece, Greta Ruth. Born on July 22nd, she came into this world at 9 lbs, 1 oz and every ounce is loved by so many!! Her big brother Everett is adjusting to having this other being around the house, but he is doing great and will be an awesome big brother!! I stopped by the house when she was six days old to grab a few pictures of her. I have been so busy lately, that it has taken me a few weeks to get to this point, but I can’t wait to share her sweet little cheeks with you all! I hope you enjoy the pics!


Having fun with headbands. 😀


I spent a few minutes outside with big brother, but he wouldn’t give me a smile.
So… this is what you get. :)