Welcome Home, Matt!

I was honored to be able to attend this homecoming ceremony with Cherry and her family. She was well prepared. Signs – check. Outfits all the way down to the shoes-check. photographer and helpful babysitter – check. We headed to Topeka the morning of Saturday, August 11th to welcome Matt,her husband and father of their two children, home after a year of being away. Matt also was one of the men who spoke at the ceremony. I’ve never been to a ceremony like this. As expected it was emotional for everyone who attended. Matt had only got to spend a few short weeks home in January after his daughter was born and his son was beaming with excitement and pure happiness to be back in his daddy’s arms.

Please enjoy some photos which will hopefully give you an idea of our time that morning.

“Daddy, These are the hands that prayed for your safe return.”


The smile on Matt’s face when he finally found Cherry in the crowd was adorable!! 😀


Matt’s smile was infectious. Do you think he was happy to be back with his family? :)


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