Katelyn ~ 4 Days New

I was super thrilled when I was asked to come take pics of sweet little Katelyn. Her parents are dear friends of mine and yet I didn’t know of her existence until Monday, the day before these were taken. Dustin and Kristi had been on a waiting list to adopt for about a year. There were ups and downs throughout that year. Just weeks before getting the call about Katelyn, they had been told they were no longer going to be parents to a little girl they were expecting in November. They handled the ups and downs like champs. On Friday, July 6th, around 4:45PM, Kristi received a call from the adoption agency telling her that a birth mother had picked them as parents. The best part was that this birth mother was located in Overland Park, even though they were registered with agencies as far as California, and even better than that, the sweet little girl had just been born. They brought her home on Monday. I cried when I heard the news. I am so thrilled for them and happy that I get to watch them grow as a family. If it hasn’t already happened, I know it won’t be long before Dustin is wrapped around his little girl’s finger. It’s not hard to imagine. With the sweetness she radiates, I am sure many more people will be wrapped around those fingers in no time. :)




  1. Mamo (Deb Singleton) July 17, 2012 at 1:17 pm #

    Another Grandbaby & we are thrilled!! She’s beautiful & sweet and such a welcome addition to our family. The disappointments have been more than offset by this precious little gift. She’s loved & cherished by all of us!

  2. Kim July 17, 2012 at 4:31 pm #

    What beautiful pictures for such a beautiful little girl!! We are so excited to have a new niece. We couldn’t be more excited for Kristi and Dustin! And…yes…she already has Daddy around her little finger!! I think he beams as much as Kristi!! We love you all! God is good!! She is an answer to many, many prayers!!

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