Wyatt ~ Newborn

After a fun maternity session with Ashley a while back, I was so happy to get to have a quick visit with Baby Wyatt the day he was born and then again when he was 11 days old. He is such a handsome little guy! Check out his photos below from our visit in the hospital and then the rest from his newborn session a little later. I was happy to get to spend another afternoon with my cousin and her mama and hope to do it again soon! Babies grow so fast, I am sure Wyatt will look completely different the next time I see him. However, at least I can look back at these pictures to remember, and so can they! :) Enjoy!!

Wyatt-10-2.jpgWyatt-11-3.jpgWyatt-12-4.jpgWyatt Blog-1-0094.jpgWyatt Blog-2-0103.jpgWyatt Blog-3-0159.jpgWyatt Blog-4-0199.jpgWyatt-9-1.jpgWyatt Blog-5-0208.jpgWyatt Blog-8-0267.jpgWyatt Blog-7-0251.jpg

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