Grasshoppers and Blog Changes

I decided that I wanted to integrate Facebook into my blog. So, I’ve been playing with that and trying to get all the settings worked out. I thought I would post about my wonderful date the other night to try it out. :)

Monday was a good day. On his way to work, Matt dropped Lola off at the groomer for a much needed haircut. Later that afternoon, when we picked her up, she did some modeling for us. :) After dropping her off at home, Camden and I headed out to go shopping, where we found a lovely little bowling game with a platform for him to set up the pins. I had no idea he was so good at matching colors! It was  a fun surprise to watch him set each pin up on the correct color. He is currently on a big bowling kick, although he usually gets a little upset after he sets the pins up and then the get knocked down. So, our bowling games typically only last about two frames. :)

Later that evening, Camden got to hang out with his buddy (also named Camden -what are the odds) for the evening, while Hubby and I headed out for a date night without the boy. We enjoyed some wonderful conversation together over dinner and then headed downtown to just walk and enjoy each others company. We stopped and just “window shopped” inside any store that was open, and actually did window shop stores that were closed. Of course, when it came to Claires and I dragged Hubby in, I got a fun picture with some fun polka-dot glasses they have in there. Then we headed over to one of the local coffee shops downtown, La Prima Taza for some coffee. I got an Iced Grasshopper and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! After enjoying about an hour of walking around downtown, we headed back to pick up the boy. Our date was a fantastic end to a fantastic day. :) We will definitely need to do that again soon!



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